Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hello world! Here we are! While not having finished with everything around… We're really excited about starting this blog! Actually the idea came on a spontaneous moment so far on Facebook? last week, and believe it or not, this is working! Mara is a great person who anybody could work with… and thanks for her infinite help, today I am able to start posting… I still don't know when she'll start but she won't let you down (and she'll do it in French!!).
Well, this is officially my first post ever but I'm afraid it is nothing exciting… I have chosen 4 things about today and just took a quick snap. 
I'm wearing a super cozy white cardigan and black moccasins (both Zara), I have right here my November issue of Vogue Us and listening to Eliza Doolittle. Jup! and yes that's all for today because I have to go on with my homework :(. See you soon. xx

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