Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions.

1. Travel more… Need it!
2. Then, try to get out of London, because there's life outside the city! Good reminder!! lol
3. Try to discover the difference between good and bad TV, nowadays is quite difficult.
4. Where's the love?
5. R.E.A.D!! Don't remember the last time I read just for pleasure. 
6. Going out more… I really don't go out that much. 
7. Go to interesting places instead of… losing time being lazy (?).
8. Try to invest better in clothes.

Well, there are lots of more things like… blog more!!! But sometimes it is just difficult. Another thing, my intention from the beginning was to create the kind of 'daily outfit' blog. IMPOSSIBLE! :( (Let's see what happens in 2011!)
Happy New Year!

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