Friday, 17 December 2010

I Love Chuck

I love going shopping when life is stressful and when the number of exams is interminable and when life at university is a completely chaos! I'm not in my best mood to dress up… so, having a little free time today around the high street, I knew exactly what I wanted. Something comfortable! very absolutely comfortable!
A new pair of All Stars. I'm really taking advantage of no rainy days or very cold temperature(we got today 17ºC!!). So they'll keep me enough warm for a bit. And then, I've already have in mind how to wear them in the summer… 
In my way home I stopped by Zara and, of course, decided to enter… and dang! I saw that marvelous denim shirt… and they are the perfect match!! 
They actually made my day! :) xx
PD: The 'special price' thing is not true at all!!

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